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Wet Connectors

Among the Customized Connector Products available from W-Technology, Inc. are a multi-channel wet connector and a multi-channel rotary connectors. The innovative and patented Wet Connector design is primarily derived from customer applications, making it inherently user-friendly. The Wet Connector, available in multiple channels, ranging from one to ten, allows the customer to reliably connect and disconnect electrical power and signal channels in a wet down hole environment.

The key to the connectors success is a design that is maintenance-friendly and cost-effective to operate. It has been successfully used in MWD, LWD, and Wireline Steering , Logging Tools and Rotary Steerable Tools. The connectors are rated to 20,000 psi and 400°F.

Since the first well test, continuous improvements on the patented system have been made, resulting in an easy to use and maintain, reliable, and cost-efficient product. Throughout the years, this product has advanced from a single conductor design to a design that includes up to 10 isolated conductors.

Standard configurations include latching, non-latching and orientation with 1 to 10 Channels. Various configurations are available upon request.
Our design engineers will work closely to match the design to your tools.


Technical Design Parameters

Operating ParametersMeasurement
Pressure RatingUp to 20,000 psi (1378 BAR)
Shell Material17-4 PH/Inconel
Current2 AMPS Max per Contact
Insulation Resistance1 GOhms Min @ 500VDC
Leakage Rate10-9 mbar x 1 x s-1

Rotatable Connectors

Key design features and thorough testing ensure dependable rotatable connectors that withstand high temperatures (400°F) as used in the toughest and deepest drilling operations. Our reputation for customer service and post sale service is unmatched. Fast delivery too!

Speedy production Schedules

With our streamlined in-house manufacturing and engineers specializing in rotatable connectors, we provide rapid turnaround, usually twice as fast as our competitors. In-stock rotatable connectors requiring minor modifications can be delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks. Custom-manufactured rotary connectors are frequently delivered in 10 weeks. We deliver ahead of schedule!

Lower maintenance and inventory costs

Our patented, replaceable contact springs reduce downtime and save money. By using the replaceable contact spring technology (current designs from three to ten channels), these rotatable connectors provide the customer the ability to replace the main contact element of the connector in the event of wear or damage. This provides a significant cost and maintainability improvement over the other rotatable connectors.

Rotatable Connector Solutions

WTI specializes in state-of-the-art rotatable connector solutions. Our engineers will work closely with you to accurately and expeditiously design to your requirements. Integrated design features such as high pressure bulk heads or retaining mechanisms as part of a complete design solution are customized to your needs. In-house manufacturing insures quick turnaround of your total project. We can do small or large production runs with short lead times.

Our technicians are IPC-A-610F  certified for soldering.