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MWD Components

A state-of-the-art machining facility, gives WTI the ability to manufacture and design custom and replacement MWD/LWD components with precision and always ready for delivery; keeping our customers drilling longer and their equipment lasting longer.  We offer a complete line of Tensor, Bluestar or proprietary high quality washable parts and innovative drop in replacements for all of your MWD requirements including our patented fully retrievable locking/latching Muleshoe design.

Running Gear/Handling Tools

The W-Technology Inc. MWD Running Gear product line includes an abundance of MWD running gear components including pressure swivel assemblies, rope sockets, spacer bars, weight bars, springs; all of which meet or exceed the exceptional performance standards demanded in today’s growing oil and gas drilling markets.

Materials We Machine

W-Technology Inc. has experience machining most material on the market today, including all non-mag, corrosion resistant, and HPHT stainless alloys.

17-4PH, Toughmet, MP35N, Ti 6Al4V, BeCu, Inconel 718, Nitronic 50, Brass, PEEK, SS (316, 303, 304) and more.

Turning & Milling Capabilities

  • CNC Turning (12 Lathes)
  • 4 3/4" max diameter with max length 30"
  • CNC Milling (3 Mills)
  • (1) 42" X 20" Table size with a Z axis of 22"
  • (2) 36" X 18" Table size with a Z axis of 22"


  • Customizable options to fit specific customer needs
  • Our collapsable wheel Centralizers can be rebuilt
  • Molded Centralizers
  • Adjustable bowspring Centralizers

Many applications such as cementing require centralization in order to ensure the integrity of the cement sheath around the casing. Centralizers are also necessary in formation evaluation in order to retrieve consistent data from the logging tool. W-Technology Inc. offers a wide selection of centralizers to suit many applications. With our centralizers we can offer highly customizable solutions with a variety of construction materials and coatings in order to function in nearly any situation.